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About me


Hello there. Iโ€™m Edy Tama Kusumajaya, a third-year student at University in Yogyakarta studying computer science.

I love learning new and better ways to create seamless user experiences with clean, efficient, and scalable code. At the end of the day, my primary goal is to create something beautiful with people that bring out the best in me.

I started this website as a place to document everything I learned. I hope you enjoy my content.

Around the web

You can find me around the web:

Currently Using


  • Tania Rascia โ€“ Her awesome blog was main motivation for me to start learning in public and build this blog. Thank you.
  • Stack Overflow โ€“ Absolutely.

Web Color Schemes

  • #f7e9e3 โ€“ #f7e9e3
  • #6dc9c8 โ€“ #6dc9c8
  • #3C3C3E โ€“ #3C3C3E

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